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3A HaYozma Street Kfar Saba

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Every day 08:00 – 18:00
(also in Holydays)

Tel: 09-7631800 / 04-6322244 / 0732312222

Our unique from other companies:

1. We We own the entirety of items related to the flag and advertising at points of sale, and in our factory We are prepared to produce and respond to urgent requests aswell.

2. In the field of customer promotion products We import the bulk of our products ourselves, and we are adept at adapting the products to the designation Requested. .

. 3In coordination with the customer – we develop and manufacture lines Uniqueness and exclusive projects in the fields of advertising and marketing while integrating products from a whole Our areas of activity.

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Here you can find answers to the questions that most ask us
  • Is it permissible to throw a national flag in the trash?
    • Forbidden, 7 die in the ground.
  • Is there a company that provides such a service?
    • Yes, Marom provides a service of planting the Israeli flag
  • Is it allowed to raise the national flag all year?
    • Yes, it is permitted as long as the flag is normal and corrective.
  • Does the Israeli flag always have equal proportions?
    • Usually the ratio is 1 to 1.5 do not can be produced even in different sizes as long as the relationship between the stripes is correct and the Star of David in the right direction
  • Is it permissible to hang an Israeli flag next to a commercial company flag?
    • Yes, as long as Israel grows, it will be at least the same height and size.
  • Is the place of state at 48 different from the flag?
    • As a rule, not except for the change in the direction of the Star of David when it is hanged and radical.
  • Is it permissible to print inside the Israeli flag the logo of a commercial company ?
    • No, changing the Israeli flag is prohibited
  • Are there any limitations in using the flag?
    • On a principle level, not as long as you don’t degrade the flag.
  • Is it allowed to print the flag on any product?
    • Yes, there is no limit to the use of the flag’s graph as long as its use is respected
  • Is it permissible to make clothing from the national model?
    • There is no law prohibiting this, but of course the garment should be respectful and does not dishonthes the flag.

The price of a single product can vary considerably, as a derivative of a number of factors:
1. Order Size (Units No.
2. Urgency
3. How the product is branded in the company logo (by printing, engraving or other method, how many colors will have the same marking, location, quantity, etc.)

In light of this, in order to avoid providing a price that could lead to a miscalculation of cost, we decided not to advertise the prices of the products on the site at all, but to see the site as a kind of “showcase” that shows our product range to customers looking for a particular product.
Of course, for every request for a quote directed to us from the site or by telephone, we respond in full and accurate detail of prices and costs.

Of course there’s a point in turning!
As noted on the Developing and Importing Unique Products page, flexibility and customer needs are important principles for Meom AF.P.
If you are looking for a product, and it does not appear on the site – whether it is a standard product or a slightly unusual product, or even if it is the fruit of your wild imagination and you are not at all sure that such a product exists: give us the opportunity to find it for you!
Contact us , listas much as we can what you want, and you’ll soon get a detailed answer – and we’ll do everything we can to keep it from being negative.

I sure do!
Marom AfD Ltd. has many years of experience in sending its products to destinations around the world, so there is no fear of ordering our products from abroad.
To send the products, we typically use “EMS” – the postal authority’s express mail service. For more urgent cases, we use special, highly fast mail services, such as “Courier.”

Delivery times vary depending on the product you order and the amount you order. Some products are in stock and therefore will be supplyed immediately. Some are produced for 24 hours to 6 days, and the rest are certain import products that are divided into two ways of importing. Through flight the delivery time will be about 24 days and by sea between two and three months. We will be happy to answer specifically for each product

You can visit the showrooms of our factories (Rosh Ha’ayin and Kfar Saba) and see the products, it should be emphasized that only some of the products are sold to private customers and our main activity is with organizations municipalities and commercial companies and welfare departments of businesses.

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