Black Marom

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Factory Shop
3A HaYozma Street Kfar Saba

Opening hours
Every day 08:00 – 18:00
(also in Holydays)

Tel: 09-7631800 / 04-6322244 / 0732312222

Our unique from other companies:

1. We We own the entirety of items related to the flag and advertising at points of sale, and in our factory We are prepared to produce and respond to urgent requests aswell.

2. In the field of customer promotion products We import the bulk of our products ourselves, and we are adept at adapting the products to the designation Requested. .

. 3In coordination with the customer – we develop and manufacture lines Uniqueness and exclusive projects in the fields of advertising and marketing while integrating products from a whole Our areas of activity.

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Job Offers

Drivers required

Merom Af.G.P. Manufacturing Import & Marketing Ltd. Drivers with technical sense and right hands are required The scope of jobs is flexible and adaptable Good conditions for the right Suitable for both men and women

Manufacturing Employee

Working in an old industrial zone and another company website. Suitable for my husband technical access and love of working in equipment assemblies. Working hours are flexible 5 days a week.

Administrative Secretary

Requires administrative secretary in Meerom in Kfar Saba. Very interesting work, varied and challenging in a number of areas. Unique work environment, pleasant, challenging and supportive. Business hours 08:00 - 17:00.
Required features: Big Head, Diligence, Thoroughness, Seriousness, Initiative Courtesy Ticking, Multi-tasking, Enterprise & Order Fitness, High Service Consciousness, Control computer applications! Basic accounting knowledge

General Employees

Marom AfD Manufacturing Import & Marketing Ltd. General employees with technical sense and right hands are required The scope of jobs is flexible and adaptable Suitable for both men and women. Preferably from the Kfar Saba area and the surrounding area.

Cleaning Worker

For hourly work with the possibility of integrating the production of errands and driving.


A full-time receptionist is required. Working in the management offices in A.T. Kfar Saba.


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