Luxurious Connie Stand GL144

GL134+144 flag cone a unique, innovative, original product developed and manufactured by our factories

We offer 3 models of flag cone devices (GL134+144 flag cone)Fancy buying stands for flags, can be custom ordered. Exclusive development from Om Up. C, I’m sorry.

A more luxurious and enlarged model, used by the Knesset of Israel and more. The height and features of the device are the same as those 134 GL, which has a larger and more impressive bottom of 40 cm. The flag size for this device is 1.6*1.1 m, and it is also recommended that you pair the artwork with the model so that the front/logo is placed in the center. The consideration in choosing between these two models is where they should be placed and the number of devices that will be placed — i.e. those of the two models will be better suited in terms of the volume to where it should be placed.

Contact us for a quote for Luxurious Connie Stand GL144 (Please leave an email address) or by phone - 09-7631800

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