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 Marom F.G.P. Ltd.
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Marom F.G.P. Ltd. has been active in Israel since 1983 and is today one of the leaders in its field of Flags, Duty Free items and Passenger service items.

The company consists of three main departments, as hinted by the acronym in the company's name:

            1. F for flags
            2. G for gifts
            3. P for passenger products

Although, seemingly, there is no apparent connection between the various departments, many clients of one department are aided by the services of another and, in some cases, customers use the services of all three sections

Marom F.G.P. is a unique company in that it is the largest operator in each division in Israel, although each division offers different merchandise and services. Browse through our site for a brief review of all the activities undertaken by the company.

Passenger Products

The passenger products department of the company imports and, in several cases also exports a variety of products used by hotel guests, airlines, ocean liner passengers, restaurant guests etc.

In Israel we represent numerous companies such as La Bottega del Albergo, Kohk Inflight, Kube Matches, Etc.
We also represent over 28 brands for the duty-free market, such as Salvador Dali,  Kaloo, Charriol, Cross etc.


This department in the organization produces, imports and markets a wide variety of promotional and give away products, ranging from inexpensive pens, key-holders, etc., to various electrical appliances and gadgets.

These products serve as advertising give-aways, sales promotion items and
gifts, offered by large corporations to
their clients and employees.

This department also develops and manufactures products on a custom basis, according to the customer's requirements.
For additional details, please Contact us
and we will send you a detailed catalog of products.



Items for Jewish organizations and Embassies

Corporate flags in special prints and sewing combinations, a chrome-plated stand for 1-10 flags.

Representation flags, Israeli flags,
as well as flags for national and local authorities.

National flags of all coutries in standard size,
as well as custom-made designs.

Ornamental "chains" made of Nylon, in various colors and shapes, for Independence day, Purim, as well as for any event or purpose.

Advertising paper or Naylon "chains" in various designs and print-sizes and in various types of materials.

Advertising cloth "chains" in various designs
and print-sizes and in various types of materials.

Flags for cars, yachts, sports clubs, vacuum-attached flags for motor vehicles, lapel-flags in special designs, and national-flag pins.

Country flags and wooden stands of various types.

Commemorative and souvenir flags, in 1-6 colors, for wall or table mounting, in all sizes and shapes.

Marom F.G.P. Factories Manufacture, Import & Marketing Ltd.
announce the annual Independence Day opening of the factory outlet which will offer a huge range of flags,
flag chains, flag poles for self assembly in the home courtyard,
memorial torches, memorial flags as well as other products for Holocaust Remembrance Day and Remembrance Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers
Factory Outlet: 3A Hayozma Street, Kfar Saba
Opening hours: Every day from 08.00-18.00
(also during Hol Hamoed)
Orders can be made by mail: info@marom.co.il
For further details: Tel: 972-9-7631800 or Fax: 972-9-7681800
Orders can be made by mail: info@marom.co.il
On the Marom Facebook page
 as well as through our website www.marom.co.il
Delivery can be made all over Israel and around the world
 by post or courier
Haven't found what you're loooking for?   Please contact us - Here

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Marom F. G. P Ltd
Address: 3a HaYozma St. Industrial Area, Kfar-Saba 44422

Tel:  +972-7-32-31-2222 ; 972-9-7631800 972-4-6322244 :Fax: +972-9-7681800
Email: info@marom.co.il
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